"We recommend sealing maintenance every 2-3 years"

      Brick Paver Sealing, Repair and Coloring


Many brick paver driveways, patios and or pool decks are valued between $8,000 and $20,000. Proper maintenance with a quality sealer designed specifically for brick pavers in New York is essential to protect and care for your investment.

Our sealing system will offer you the following:

Help prevent the structural deterioration of the paver's soft top coating.

Protect your pavers from fading in the harmful New York sun.

Stop mildew, oil and other stains, eliminate tire tracks from vehicles and is skid resistant.

Reduce the efflorescence (white film or crystals that rise to the top of pavers) process.

Will enhance the color of your pavers with a beautiful satin, satin-gloss, or matte finish (your choice).

Will help reverse the aging process giving your brick pavers a lustrous finish enhancing your curb appeal.

We offer an environmently safe two-part sealer for brick pavers and hardscape surfaces. We also offer traditional solvent based sealers. Ask about our Start to Finish All in One Day Paver Sealing process.

      Brick Paver Sealing


SEALING is one of the most important things you can do to maintain and upkeep your brick investment. It is the equivalent to waxing the paint on your brand new car in order to maintain its original state.

Why should you seal your brick surfaces?

Prevents brick erosion
Prevents color fading
Prevents most stains
Can extend the life almost indefinately
Holds down mildew

What do we seal?

Brick Pavers

Any natural stone or artificial hardscape

Natural (matte) lustre, Semi-gloss, or Gloss finishes available.

      Helpful information for before and after your sealing job.


Turn off your sprinkler system on the day your pavers are being cleaned and sealed.

Make sure all automobiles that will need to be used are out of the garage and not on the paver area that is to be cleaned and sealed. If you are not home the day of cleaning and sealing , be sure that garage doors will be left open.

The paver surface can be opened to foot traffic 4 hours after cleaning and sealing is completed.

The paver surface can be opened to vehicular traffic 48 hours after cleaning and sealing is complete. To prevent tire markings do not make any tight turns or sudden stops.

You may swim in your pool the next day.