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Welcome to our newest service. We hope we can help you when you need it most. If you ever heard the STATEMENT if your not here by 7-am your basically out of luck. If you ever heard the STATEMENT, we are not available to help you right now. Or your company can only carry X-amount of bulk sealer at one time and you need more to finish your projects. Well look no further and worry no more. Celeste Sealcoating has you covered. Call us and lets help you finish your projects before 7-am.

How It Works:

It's really that simple! Call Us! Tell us how much bulk sealer you need! We are open 24/7, That's right 7 Days a week at anytime of the Day or Night - Even 2-am! We will delivery is directly to your project location!

What we carry:

We can delivery up to 500 gallons of bulk sealer. We have also up to 300 gallons of (H20) Water for your mixing needs. All sealer and water is metered! You get what you pay for!

Product(s) we carry:

Sealmaster - LV and Coaltar - Ask for Availability on what products we have on hand.

Where we deliver:

We currently will deliver up to a 50 mile radius from 12804

What does it cost:

We charge the standard price for the bulk sealer - Plus a delivery charge. 

1. If your project is between 1-15 miles $35.00 delivery charge

2. If your project is between 16-30 miles $50.00 delivery charge

3. if your project is between 31-50 miles $75.00 delivery charge

Example: You need 300 gallons bulk sealer @ $2.30 per gallon. Which equals = $690.00 And your project location is 10 miles from our location delivery charge is $35.00. Your total upon delivery (unless paid over the phone) Total = $725.00. 

Minimum Amount required for any delivery:

We require minimum of 50 gallons.

How to pay:

We accept the following payments at this time: (Cash, Credit) We do not accept Checks, Money Orders, Western Union or PO's!