"We recommend sealing maintenance every 2-3 years"

      Proper Asphalt Prep


We take complete pride in our work and obligation to you as the customer. We will prepare your driveway for your needed sealcoat application. Depending on the needs.

Pressure Wash any deep down oils and gums on your drive to ensure proper entactment of our sealer

We offer Meticulous Edging, we will remove all grass, sticks, dirt from your driveway.
We will fill all cracks, repair all holes, with our specialty formulated products, for superior fixing.

We will use a power blower to remove any debries on your surface.

Upon finish we will tape off your driveway for your driveways protection while its curing.

      Hand Applied


Celeste Sealcoating hand applies all our materials, either by broom or squeegee. We Do Not ever use a spray systems in any residential areas.



You get a more heavy coat when applied with either a broom or squeegee.

It consistent when applied
The finished product is more enhanced.


Our state of the art equipment is designed to give the fullest coat as it was applied by hand. All projects are different, but we always ensure professional quality work.


      Satisfaction Guaranteed


We guarantee our product will last up to 2-3 years. Once we apply our sealer it will look fresh for years to come, depending on how its maintained by the customer.  If your not pleased simply contact us and we will take every step to please you further.